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    Life is a health journey

    Life is a health journey,

    with its ups and downs, and its challenges. These can be big or small, lifelong or temporary. Everyone, from children to elderly people, face health challenges and needs, wherever they are.

    Sanofi, a health journey partner

    We, at Sanofi, are there beside people in need, as a health journey partner. Many patients are depending on us. We aim to protect, enable and support people facing health challenges, so they can live life to its full potential.

    Sanofi is about Empowering Life

    Examples of Health Challenges

    • Fighting pain

      Pain is both the most common symptom and the main reason why people seek medical aid.

    • Innovating in rare diseases

      Life is a health journey that for some starts with being born with a rare genetic disorder. There are more than 7,000 rare diseases in the world, and 30% of children affected die before reaching their 5th birthday.

    • Reducing the burden of influenza

      Flu is a highly contagious disease that, every year, one in ten individuals will come across on his health journey, namely in North America and Europe. Every year, flu claims 250,000 to half a million lives globally.

    • Managing diabetes

      400 million adults are estimated to have diabetes, a lifelong condition.

    • Close to eradicating polio

      Over centuries, polio has wiped out millions of lives. In 1988, close to 1,000 cases of paralytic polio were recorded every day

    • Preventing malaria

      When growing up in Africa, people may encounter malaria, the deadliest parasitic disease, killing a child every two minutes.


      Preventing malaria

      As a health journey partner, Sanofi fights malaria through prevention and affordable treatments: even down to less than 1 dollar per person. Thanks to public-private partnerships, more than 400 million treatments have been distributed in Africa over the last 10 years, mostly for children.

      Sanofi Empowering Life

      Polio: eradication is finally within reach

      As a health journey partner, Sanofi has been involved in this fight from the very beginning. We have provided more than 6 billion doses that made the final stage of the program possible. Today, the number of cases has decreased by more than 99% globally. We could be soon living in a polio-free world.

      Sanofi Empowering Life

      Managing diabetes

      As a health journey partner, Sanofi has been developing insulin treatments for close to a century. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of different diabetes medicines, including insulins, to help lower blood sugar level. More than 50% of people on once daily basal insulin treatments are supported by Sanofi.

      Sanofi Empowering Life

      Reducing the burden of influenza

      As a health journey partner, and global leader in influenza vaccination, Sanofi has produced 200 million doses of influenza vaccines in 2016 and is committed to broadening protection against influenza.

      Sanofi Empowering Life

      Innovating in rare diseases

      As a health journey partner, Sanofi Genzyme has been working on several rare diseases, including for example enzyme replacement therapy to treat Gaucher disease, considered an ultra-rare disease with fewer than 10,000 patients globally.

      Sanofi Empowering Life

      Fighting pain

      As a health journey partner, Sanofi strives to help relieve pain both for children and adults. Our range of pain relievers varies, from over the counter pills to injectable medicines, all helping to fight pain.

      Sanofi Empowering Life

      Our CEO's vision

      • Life is a health journey,
        with big and small moments.
        Fighting pain, and diseases,
        whether lifelong or temporary.
        That's the fight against which we,
        the thousands of women and men
        of Sanofi, gather all our forces.

        Olivier Brandicourt CEO of SanofiCEO SANOFI

        Read our CEO's Vision
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      One purpose, one ambition for our company

      Our purpose at Sanofi is to work passionately every day to understand and solve healthcare needs of people across the world. Our ambition is by 2025, Sanofi is the top three, innovative, global, diversified human, healthcare company. One that embraces transformative technologies and is focus on its area of excellence, which means we’re not there to try to solve everybody’s problem. We want to focus on those areas where we know we are making a difference.


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